Blood Donor Heroes

Just like people, animals can also require blood transfusions. Unlike humans, there is no local blood bank that we can
source blood from when needed in an emergency. The solution is that the clinic has a number of blood donor dogs on standby.
The clinic is always looking for more dogs to be blood donors – your dog could help save someone else’s treasured pet.

Blood Donors must fit the following criteria in order to be candidates.
– Healthy Dogs
– Between 2 and 8 years of age
– Weigh 25kg or more
– Have up-to-date vaccinations.

For more information please contact one of our clinics and an information sheet can be sent to you for perusal.

Current Blood Donors, and a big thank you to all our retired blood donors and their very generous owners X

Katie Jemmeson has donated to Pancho, Jaffa, Prince, Lilly, Jaegar, Codie & Hector
Dash Hennesey Jan 2014
Dash Hennesey to the rescue!
Pluto Sklenar ready and waiting!

Vossy Williams – sadly deceased and greatly missed saved Tammy
Ruby Blood
Princess Ruby Red Shoes Clark saved Brittany. Ruby went missing but is forever in our hearts.
Vinnie Clark
Vinnie Clark a big boofy boy who saved Buddy.
Ben Lambeth a gentleĀ giant who saved Milly & Nigger & helped Dibbin. We miss you on the golf course big boy!