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Pet foods

Advance, Hill’s Veterinary Diet and Royal Canin foods are kept in stock at both clinics for dogs and cats, we also have the ability to order in a range of food from our suppliers. We offer nutritional advice on feeding both healthy animals and those with long-term health problems.

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Clinic offer:-
Buy 5 bags of Advance get the 6th free**

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Worm Treatments

Intestinal worms can kill pups by causing weakness, gut blockage and anaemia.
They can also be passed onto people causing eye, brain and skin disease.

During pregnancy, Roundworms in the bitch travel across the placenta to her unborn pups. This means pups are born with roundworms and will have adult worms (up to 10 cm long) in their gut within two weeks of birth. These can cause gut blockages and ill-health. Roundworms are also picked up from their mother’s milk and the pups’ environment.

Worming must therefore be repeated to stop re-infestation.

Hookworms can cause death in pups due to anaemia (blood loss). These tiny worms are picked up from their mother’s milk or the pup’s droppings. They can also burrow through the skin.

Whipworms also live on the pup’s blood but are normally not a problem in pups less that 12 weeks old.

Puppies can get Tapeworms if they eat fleas (Flea Tapeworm) or raw offal (Hydatid Tapeworm).

Puppies should be wormed every two weeks from two weeks of age with a product that kills Roundworm and Hookworm such as Wormban.
From 12 weeks old, dogs should be wormed monthly to six months old then every three months with an adult “all-worming” tablet or paste.
If puppies have access to raw offal (farm carcasses, pet mince), they should be wormed every six weeks with a product that kills Hydatid Tapeworm such as “Popantel”.

Do you have trouble worming your cat?

There is a relatively new product called Profender which is the worlds first spot-on wormer for cats. The premeasured tubes make application easy and stress free.
It can be used on kittens from 8 weeks of age and 0.5kg .
It is also safe in lactating or pregnant queens.
Take the stress out of worming your cat speak to one of our staff
about Profender today.

Avoiding worms
– Worm your pet regularly-adults every 3months.
– Weigh your pet before worming to make sure of the right dose.
– Use an appropriate, good quality wormer.
– Pick up and dispose of all droppings.
– Control tapeworms by treating for fleas and by not feeding raw offal.

Collars, Leads and Harnesses

There are a selection of leads and collars available in both our clinics.
Car harnessess and pet carriers are also kept in stock to keep your pet safe whilst travelling
– we can order larger sizes on request.

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Coat Care

Whether you are after shampoo / conditioner or a brush to keep the tangles away we have it all and our friendly staff are more than happy to spend the time to make sure you get the right products for your pets.

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