Cats, dogs and rabbits all require regular vaccinations to protect them from life threatening illnesses.

For dogs we offer a C3 vaccination (against Canine Distemper, Hepatitis and Parvovirus) or a C5 vaccination ( C3 plus Bordatella and Parainfluenza virus- commonly referred to as “Canine Cough” or “Kennel Cough”)

For cats we offer F3 vaccination (against Feline Panleukopaenia, Calicvirus and Rhinotracheitis viruses) or a F4 vaccination (as per F3 plus Chlamydia) for cats .

Rabbits require a Calcivirus vaccine.

Yearly boosters are required to maintain a high level of immunity. There is a reminder service so that you don’t have to worry about missing vaccinations.

Discounts for vaccinations are available when there are multiple pets done at the same visit.

We also recommend that dogs are placed on heartworm treatment and offer a yearly injection (Proheart SR-12) which can be done at the time of vaccination or using a monthly spot-on product such Advocate (which is also a flea prevention) or a monthly tablet such as Valuheart .


Consultations are available at both clinics by appointment. There is the advantage of onsite laboratory facilities that make testing possible for the investigation of sore ears, lumps and blood work at the time of consultation.

Some consultations can be done at a home visit, such as routine vaccinations, microchipping, yearly preheat injections and arthritis treatments. Although in some cases you may be advised to bring your animal into the clinic as further work-up may be required.


We offer a wide range of surgeries, from routine de-sexings through to lump removals, orthopaedic procedures and emergency surgeries such as caesareans. Our well equipped, specialised surgery rooms provide the ideal environment for us to provide the best care for your pet.
Intensive care patients are hospitalized at Tallangatta as the staff live closest to that clinic and we have our high-care facilities there if needed.

Laboratory Testing

Our clinics have facilities to run routine blood biochemistry profiles and we can perform microscopic examination of various samples such as those collected from lumps or ear infections. This enables us to provide prompt, specific treatment for your pet. At Tallangatta we can also run haematology samples, monitor phenobarbitone therapeutic levels for those pets on anti-seizure medication and run Total T4 levels to check thyroid function.
More complicated laboratory work can be sent away to external labs who provide us with a detailed report.
We also have digital radiography facilities at the Tallangatta Clinic with a new mobile X-ray machine. We take radiographs for hip scoring by radiologist specialists,as well as using it as diagnostic tool in the investigation of disease.


Microchipping is an ideal tool for ensuring you and your pet are reunited if they go missing. It is also now a requirement of all local councils that animals be microchipped prior to registration.
Microchipping involves a one-off injection of a tiny chip (see below) which is encoded with a pet specific identification code.
The chip can be read by all veterinary clinics, pounds and rescue organisations ensuring that your pet is returned promptly is it goes wandering.
We routinely microchip dogs, cats, horses, alpacas and exotics, registering them for their life-time with the nation wide Central Animal Records.
Discounts apply if the chipping is done with another procedure such as vaccination or neutering or if there are multiple animals to be chipped. There are significant discounts for microchipping of litters.


We no longer offer hydrobathing at the Tallangatta Clinic. Unfortunately due to time constraints, our nurses are no longer able to offer bathing/grooming. There are some local alternative options, and some will even do home visits. Please call to ask for an alternative suggestion if you are unable to find a suitable groomer.
We still offer the clipping of long haired cats, under sedation. November/December is the best time to get them clipped so they have the best comfort over the hot summer months.
Please phone the clinic for more information or to make an appointment.

The clinics also stock a range of pet grooming tools.
One of the most popular is the Mars Comb which the staff have found excellent in grooming the old coat from medium to long haired dogs.

Home Visits

Do you find it difficult to get your pet to the clinic, perhaps they are crippled by arthritis or simply too large to lift into a car? Or perhaps you would like a number of pets seen at once, a family of pets for vaccinations or a litter of puppies? Perhaps you have made the sad decision to put your pet to sleep due to ongoing health issues, and would prefer them to be seen at home?

Our veterinarians can travel to your home to do a home consultation. Please be aware that, depending on the health issue, we may be only able to do a preliminary health examination at home, and the pet may still need to be presented to the clinic for further tests or ongoing treatment. Some problems may not be suitable for a home visit as your pet may need a sedation, nursing assistance or diagnostic equipment at the clinic, (such as grass seed removal from ear canals).

There is a small surcharge for at home consultation. Standard vaccination fees remain the same, however there may be an extra fee if a nurse has to attend the call also. There is a standard mileage fee from the clinic based on round-trip mileage.

If the visit is not urgent, you may prefer to place it on one of our valley runs to reduce the mileage.We take bookings up to 9.30am on the day of the run, work out the travel order, then phone clients back with an estimated time for the consultation, so you do need to be time-flexible for this option.
There is a set travel fee of $40.00, or $53.00 beyond Running Creek and in some areas of Wodonga.

MITTA VALLEY run day is Monday (and Thursdays July-October)

KIEWA VALLEY including Wodonga, Yackandandah and all the way to Mt Beauty is Tuesday (and Fridays July-October)

TALLANGATTA VALLEY / BETHANGA and BELLBRIDGE run is the first Wednesday (and third Wednesday July-October) of each month.

Runs are held on a different day of the week if they fall on a Public Holiday.

Please phone us on 02 60 712 594 if you would like to book a home visit or valley run visit.