Herd Health Services

The clinic offers a wide variety of herd health services involving both the management and treatment of animals.

Livestock Medicine

Our veterinarians regularly see sick and injured cows, sheep, and alpacas to investigate, diagnose and treat their problems. Animals are generally seen on the farm, although the smaller production animals and horses can also be seen at the clinic.

We can see animals any day of the week, although we do have weekly valley runs for pre-booked consultations which have a very reduced mileage fee.

Emergency attendance is also available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Herd Management

The clinic offers herd management programs and advice, including but not limited to;

-pregnancy diagnosis – both manual and ultrasound,
-bull fertility and semen testing,
-herd synchronization programs,
-drench resistance issues and faecal egg counts,
-herd fertility programs,
-mastitis investigations (including milking machine analysis),
-herd disease investigations,
-abortion investigations,
-nutritional advice, transitional feeding programs and heifer management
-Johnes and Pestivirus programs.

Drs Joe Skuse, Dr Verity Ambler and Dr Jack Killalea are PREgCHECK (NCPD) accredited pregnancy testers and all vets carry our ultrasound and manual pregnancy testing.

Please contact the clinic for more information. Our aim is provide tailor made solutions for your individual needs. Ultimately we hope to improve the general herd production of your farm and increase farm profitability.