Valley Runs - Reduce your milage fee

Normal mileage fees are charged on a round-trip per km rate from the nearest clinic during working hours, or from Tallangatta after-hours, to help with client mileage costs we do weekly runs down the valleys.

We take bookings up to 9.30am on the day of the run, work out the travel order, then phone clients back with an estimated time for the consultation.
There is a set travel fee charge, rather than per kilometre.

MITTA VALLEY run day is Monday (and Thursdays July-October)

KIEWA VALLEY including Wodonga, Yackandandah and all the way to Mt Beauty is Tuesday (and Fridays July-October)

TALLANGATTA VALLEY / BETHANGA and BELLBRIDGE run is the first Wednesday (and third Wednesday July-October) of each month.

Runs are held on a different day of the week if they fall on a Public Holiday.

Please phone us on 02 60 712 594 if you would like to make a booking.